Discover how a wind-generated power company shares files with dealers, installers and clients with a simple and trackable cloud-based file cabinet that saves the company upwards of $40K on IT equipment and staffing.

  • set up individual customer folders and folders for dealers, resellers and salespeople
  • notifications alert you when documents have arrived
  • the marketing and purchasing departments can share and collaborate with vendors
  • share documents, specifications and agreements with work teams
  • the accountant, HR department and even the board can be given permission-based access to control who sees confidential or regulated information
  • productivity tools, such as electronic signatures and notifications, bring new efficiencies to the business
  • the audit trail for each document tracks who accesses the document and when they access it
  • send an email link to a document instead of an unsecured attachment to keep documents from prying eyes and hackers
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Discover how Euclid Insurance reduced IT costs by 75% with FileWorks.

  • grow your business without a large capital investment in an IT infrastructure
  • collect sensitive documents from clients via secure upload to your account
  • control employee access to sensitive documents
  • quickly and safely share confidential documents with your clients while protecting their private information
  • expedite sign-off and delivery of documents
  • document histories let you know who has viewed each document and when it was viewed
  • save money on postage by providing sensitive documents electronically in a more secure system than vulnerable email attachments
  • provide your clients with an extra service or a billable service with safe storage for digital copies of their important document
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Find out how The Brownley Law Group reduced costs and improved staff efficiency while providing secure file access for the firm's clients and associates.

  • each lawyer or reporter can be granted access to just the case folders need
  • notifications alert you when documents have arrived
  • controlled access can be given to law teams, paralegals or clients
  • your clients can upload documents directly to your account instead of sending unsecured attachments via email
  • document histories let you know who has reviewed each document and when it was reviewed
  • expedite sign-off and delivery of documents
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Discover how Clear Vascular descreased IT expenses by 76% with FileWorks, and how The Verden Group improved security of data critical to business operations with FileWorks.

  • use electronic signatures to sign off on documents or procedures
  • securely share documents and other digital files with other practitioners while tracking who accessed each document
  • notifications let you know when test results or other important files have arrived
  • add notes to any document type
  • receive and deliver documents in a secure environment where files are encrypted and protected by state-of-the-art firewalls
  • use our free scanning software that lets you scan, index and upload your documents easily
  • document histories show who has viewed documents and when
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See how a law firm's office manager cut costs and increased staff efficiency; and how a hospice provider sped-up the intake process by moving from a paper-based system to a 'less paper' system; andhow a company with a virtual office saved 76% on IT expenses.

  • keep your files safe, backed-up, and encrypted
  • control access to each folder individually
  • view document histories to see who saw each document and when
  • send contracts and other documents for electronic signature
  • use our scan software to easily scan, index and upload your paper documents
  • add notes to any document--no matter the file type
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Read how Brant Management experienced a 20% increase in productivity and added a new revenue source with FileWorks.

  • organize your documents by uploading them to separate folders for each property
  • use our free scanning software to scan, index and easily upload your paper documents
  • standard documents can be made available to property owners, while documents of board interest can be separated and protected by permission-based access
  • a complete history of who viewed a document is stored with that document
  • competitive bids, including specifications, signatures and change orders, can be handled electronically
  • clients can upload confidential documents to the account thus eliminating unsecure email attachments
  • deal points can be quickly and confidentially negotiated—with electronic signatures securing negotiations
  • notifications allow all parties to be alerted when new documents or signatures have been received or documents have been accessed
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