How It Works


More than 600,000 laptops stolen since February 2005.

  • What if yours was next?
  • Is your client information safe?
  • Do you have backups of your essential files?

With FileWorks Online, your documents are stored encrypted on secure servers. We've implemented HIPAA-level technology safeguards for access control, audit control, transmission security, integrity of data and authentication. FileWorks Online also performs immediate backup of your files with real-time off-site data replication.


Putting documents into your account is easy.

Web-based document storage gives you the flexibility to access files while maintaining them in a secure environment. Your account has an unlimited amount of space available. The account subscription includes 1 GB of storage. When your account reaches 1 GB of storage an additional 1 GB automatically becomes available to you and your account will be billed for the additional space.


Electronic document signing is the technology of the future - and it's here now. In 2000, Congress passed legislation recognizing electronic signatures as legal. If your industry still requires paper documents and wet signatures, apply electronic signatures to internal sign-offs and non-regulated contracts and agreements.

Collaborate. Share.

Add Users and Guests to your account to provide your clients and colleagues with access to appropriate folders. For greater collaboration and file sharing, you select the actions that can be taken by each User.

Users can perform a range of functions from uploading, viewing and signing documents to more advanced account management functions.

Index. File. Archive.

The days of hard-to-retrieve files and off-site storage rentals for your archived files are over. A few simple index catagories can help you quickly locate documents. Index files individually or in batches as you upload them or index them at a later time.


Stringent regulations brought about by such legislation as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA require clear audit trails and increased security around sensitive data.

FileWorks Online helps you comply with these industry regulations. Account Owners maintain control over user access rights and assign the functions each user can perform. An audit trail of who accessed documents is linked to each document. FileWorks Online adheres to the technology safeguards set forth by HIPAA for access control, audit control, transmission security, integrity of data and authentication.


Add a toll-free fax line to your account-no fax machine needed!
  • Faxes are filed directly into your account
  • Faxes are private-they don't sit on a fax machine or in your office mailbox
  • Receive an email or text message when a fax arrives
  • Free yourself from waiting at the office to receive faxes
  • Eliminate multiple fax lines in the office or at home offices

You can send out faxes without ordering a fax line. Just click to create a cover sheet. No waiting by the fax machine-send faxes from your account anywhere you have an Internet connection. No fax machine needed!


Protect your documents and data from insecure email networks and hackers. Sending document links instead of email attachments keeps your documents safe because they stay encrypted on the server and they are encrypted during transit when your Users or Guests view them. You also avoid email bounce backs when the recipient's email account is full.


Avoid the high costs of
  • primary servers
  • backup servers
  • IT staff
  • server maintenance
  • software
  • fax lines and fax machines
  • overnight deliveries
  • office space & furnishings

And there is no lag in the start up time! In just a couple of clicks, your virtual file cabinet is ready.

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