FileWorks Understands Your Needs

FileWorks has helped clients in various industries to reduce costs, increase productivity, and use information more effectively by improving their document management processes. We understand the challenges you face and we'll deliver a solution to address your specific needs.

Ensure HIPAA compliance, process medical claims, patient encounter forms, and customer satisfaction information.

Less than 60% of most claims support auto-adjudication. The remaining 40% or more often require claim examiner involvement. A cost-effective, flexible, and powerful imaging and workflow system will streamline your document and data capture process and increase your efficiency and productivity.

Financial Services
Ensure Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and capture, process, and store credit applications, loan documents, and financial statements.

No tool will magically fix your problems. Look for technologies that support your compliance needs, but focus on business process management and records management solutions rather than those that are limited to certain aspects of compliance. A robust imaging and workflow system will help you achieve compliance while increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Capture benefit enrollment documents, policies, payment information, and claims.

After recent losses, many insurers need solutions to help them reduce costs and achieve underwriting profits. To be competitive, you need a claims processing and imaging solution that integrates legacy systems, assists in real-time information sharing, automates workload assignments, and effectively leverages third-party service providers.

Any Industry
Capture, store, route, and act on any document.

Whether you're processing invoices, customer information or any other type of document, intelligent imaging and workflow solutions enable you to define business rules and processes, and to capture and route documents to employees for review, approval, or information. You need a solution that will save you time and money, help you increase productivity and use business information more effectively.
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