Before you invest in new technology systems to deliver compliance it?s important to understand how the law applies to you. Sarbanes-Oxley was passed in response to a number of corporate financial scandals; to increase the reliability and accuracy of financial results disclosed by public companies.

While some companies will spend millions of dollars to comply with its regulations in the upcoming year most organizations are focused on two particular sections as their priority:

Section 302 requires principal executive and financial officers of a public company to certify the information included in its quarterly and annual financial reports.

Section 404 requires companies to assess document test and certify their internal controls for business processes across the company. The intent of this section is to ensure that policies processes and systems associated with financial reporting are thorough enough to prevent and detect fraud. Together these sections of the law require executives and external auditors to guarantee not only the content of financial information but also the process by which it was managed. Companies must be able to verify that they?ve put appropriate policies procedures and systems in place to ensure that their financial data is both factual and correct.

Compliance and Long-term Value
FileWorks understands the challenge of defining managing and tracking business processes to comply with Section 302 and 404

requirements. We?ll help you assess your internal practices and deploy a system to automate and audit every step.

iFile Helps You Comply
iFile Enterprise content management and workflow systems enable you to:

  • Define employee roles security levels and responsibilities

  • Define the flow tracking and reporting of your business transactions

  • Document and store all regulatory processes and controls

  • Retrieve view route and approve documents and data

  • Capture audit trails to verify the source and integrity of documents and data

  • Identify all users who access specific files during your workflow process

iFile helps you immediately address Sarbanes-Oxley compliance requirements while reducing the time and cost associated with every transaction. In addition our technologies will continue to deliver increased productivity and time savings as your ongoing compliance needs evolve.

By choosing a system that addresses your immediate compliance needs but also delivers broader document and process management capabilities you can achieve the greatest value and return on your investment.
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